Unspokin has many environmental puzzles involving a companion that may or may not be cooperative - this page is to aid those who get stuck.


How do I get the bear out of the sludge?

A: There is a fish by the pond, pick it up and bring it to him.

The bear won’t follow me past the thorn bush, why?

A: Stand on the opposite side of the thorn bush and use the “follow” command.

How do I progress after the thorn bush?

A: Travel to the far right with your bear companion. Once he's standing on the large pressure plate, tell him to "stay", and a stone door will open.

How do I solve the sequence puzzle?

A: Have your bear companion “stay” on the large pressure plate. Step on four small pressure plates that correspond with the four patterns on the wall. Go in order from left to right, then the door will open.


The bear stepped in a trap and now he won’t follow me!

A: After getting hurt your companion has lost a little trust in you. Now you must guide your companion by holding on to him.

How do I solve the sequence puzzle?

A: Until your companion can fully trust you again he will not listen to the “stay” command. This puzzle is solved in the same way as the first, the only difference being the player must step on the correct pressure plates quickly before their companion wanders away. If he wanders before you can finish, you don't have to start from the beginning. Just be sure to not step on the wrong pattern once you get him back on to his plate.

How do I progress after the sequence puzzle?

A: Have your companion push down the wooden sign.

How do I progress at the bear den area?

A: Travel through the split house to the trail behind it, and pull the lever you find.

How do I progress at the white stone ruins?

A: Have your companion push the bolder.

How do I progress past the high frequency sound machine?

A: The log bundles help dampen the sound, thereby protecting your companion from being harmed by the blast wave. Guide your companion by using the green grassy patches behind each log bundle as safe zones through the area.

How do I progress after the high frequency puzzle?

A: Have your companion push down the white stone pillar located near the metal pipe.